Tex Mechs

Last semester, I took a game development class – our project was a game called Tex Mechs. We used a large rear projection screen (6’ tall, 8’ wide) with a pressure sensitive floor mat and a Wiimote tucked into a more exciting enclosure to create a physically immersive, anime stylized video game. We ran it at the 2008 RPI Game Symposium and took home first place in the competition.

For now, I’m just sort of dumping content related to the project here – a video, a Flickr gallery, and a copy of the paper I wrote describing the rendering techniques I used to create a cel-shaded “anime” look. I’m waiting on some better videos, namely three full runs of the game, and will post them when I get them myself, perhaps along with more technical information.

Tex Mechs Rendering Techniques (PDF)

Tex Mechs Photo Gallery

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    The guy on top was standing wrong or something, he wasn’t hitting the bad guy at all until the end.

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    Lol you actually have to run on the mat XD