Blacksmithing for Dummies

Searching for tools for a metal casting workshop I was to host, I found myself at Harbor Freight. In addition to finding the safety gear and 90-degree needle-nose pliers I needed, I stumbled upon a 55 pound anvil shaped object on sale for $30. After purchasing a 3 pound sledgehammer and digging a few pieces of steel out of the Electronics Club metal scrap box, I fired up the charcoal furnace and gave blacksmithing a try.

After making a few generically pointy rods, I made something of slight utilitarian merit – a hot chisel. When placed into the hardie hole of my “anvil”, a hot chisel would allow me to cut heated pieces of steel. It has come in handy when working on other blacksmithing projects, but typically requires that I straighten the edge back out afterwards.

A poorly made yet fairly effective hot chisel.