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Forums are down…

…but should be back in the next few days. Something other than PHPBB. Sorry to kill your collective buzz.

What? Forums!

The Zachtronics Industries Forums are now live! Feel free to go do forumsy stuff there, but be sure to keep it classy!

Re: Design a Game for Engineers

It’s been nearly a month since the end of the Design a Game for Engineers challenge and I haven’t said anything about it – what’s up with that?! I received a total of 12 submissions, all of which were more or less decent ideas. Some stood above others in terms of whether or not they […]

Apparently I’m now in charge of an open source project.

Infiniminer is now officially open source! I’ll be maintaining the official branch, which I encourage anyone who wants to help out to submit to instead of simply forking off into oblivion. Bug fixes will be taken after being code reviewed, but gameplay fixes will have to be discussed first (#infiniminer on Freenode). I realize […]


There are two ways to fix the AllocateFormatAndData() bug as of v1.5: You can turn on the “nosound” flag for your client, which will completely disable the sound for the game and thus fix the problem. It seems that the underlying issue might be XNA selecting the wrong sound driver when you have more than […]

Don’t sap me bro!

by Barebone (?), found in #infiniminer

Infiniminer v1.5

Infiniminer v1.5 is now out, available here. There is now a server browser! To make your server public, MAKE SURE THAT PORT 5565 UDP IS ACCESSIBLE OUTSIDE YOUR NETWORK and then set the public flag in the server config to true. Junk servers WILL be blacklisted. Made kick command IP based, added a ban command […]

Infiniminer v1.4

Infiniminer v1.4 is now out, available here. Added beacon block, which creates unique signature on your team members’ radars (50 ore, Engineer, Prospector). Added road block, which allows you to travel twice as fast (10 ore, Engineer). All radar signals now have relative altitude information. Ladder blocks now cost 25 ore to build (previously 10). […]

Infiniminer v1.31

Infiniminer v1.31 is now out, available here. Adds volume control parameter to client configuration file. Might fix some “missing key” crashes for the client.

Hey man, he was in my face.

by Zaiden, found on the VGCats forum